This is an RSS tutorial. It shows you how to get the most out of RSS feeds.

RSS is a way of keeping up to date with the news sites, blogs, twitter feeds and other web content that you are interested in.

So, why use RSS?

Imagine that you follow several different blogs and news sites. Do you really want to have to keep opening up a web browser and going to each of those websites several times a day, just to see if they've posted anything new or interesting?

This is where RSS feeds come in. All of the blogs and news sites and twitter feeds you are interested in almost certainly have RSS feeds. You can subscribe to these RSS feeds and see them in your RSS reader like this:

rss reader

Try the above RSS Reader now

Isn't that cool? Even better, you could just set this RSS reader as your home page in your web browser, so that every time you opened your web browser you could see if there was anything new that you wanted to click on from the sites you like most.

What sites have RSS feeds?

As it turns out, nearly all of them! Almost every single blog in the world and nearly every single news site and all twitter accounts have RSS feeds!

Even if you have a blog and have never heard of RSS, you probably have automatic wordpress RSS or blog RSS switched on by default.

Is RSS free?

Yes, RSS feeds are almost always free. Blogs and news sites encourage you to use their free RSS feeds, because it means you will probably visit their sites more often.

To get started with RSS, use this free RSS reader